Our philosophy

The other day we had to ban our first fan on Facebook. It wasn't something we were happy about.

A fellow fan made made mention of a beer he was looking for; we replied and explained how that particular beer isn't currently sold in MA. This user whom we banned chimed in and made mention that they worked for the distributor of this beer, and named a few stores that he claimed had this beer.

I contacted this distributor eagerly and excited because we hoped they were right and we would LOVE to carry the beer in question.  Upon talking to the distributor not only didn't they carry the beer, but this person making the claim didn't even work there, further they had never heard of this person. We banned him. We didn't ban him for mentioning other stores, but for claiming to work for a distributor and giving our users false information about beer. Can you say party foul?

We don't like to ban people, but it really got us thinking to post our philosophy. Contrary to popular belief, we LOVE and promote other craft beer stores. What's this you say? Yes! We're a fan of craft beer and wine and we appreciate other craft stores and feel that we're not in competition, but we're on the same team. Think of it like this: many of your favorite craft breweries come together and do limited compilation brews, we too are here to come together and get you great brew.

Here's a list of some of our favorite local craft beer shops:
Ryan and Kasey's Location: 55 Main Street, Greenfield, MA has a GREAT annual beerfest.
Trubeer Location: 28 NORTHAMPTON STREET EASTHAMPTON MA 01027 If you like beer, this is a great place to stop in and check out.
Provisions Location: 30 Crafts Ave, Northampton, MA Has an awesome wine selection, clean upscale environment.

Here’s our sign!

Awwweeee YAEAH! Its on!! Our sign that is. We feel so official now. After a bit of paperwork, and a little hard work, we erected our sign today and boy our my arms tired! Come by and take a look.

Best Beers by state.

The explosion of craft beer in the US has given us close to 2,000 operating breweries and brewpubs. There are now dozens of breweries in states that, just a few short years ago, might have only had one or two. That fact, combined with my love of inane lists, inspired me to research one of the single most useless topics we’ve ever tackled at Aleheads (and that’s saying something). I wanted to know which beer was the “best” from each of the 50 states (plus the District of Columbia). That list is below.Continue reading

Pens and Openers

How can you enjoy a 12oz bottle of craft beer without a bottle opener? Trick questions, you can't! Because craft beer doesn't have twist off's. Its ok though, because if you come in, and ask, we'll hand you a custom The Beer Shop bottle opener. Want more? Grab a few pens, why not, they're free!!