Pens and Openers

How can you enjoy a 12oz bottle of craft beer without a bottle opener? Trick questions, you can't! Because craft beer doesn't have twist off's. Its ok though, because if you come in, and ask, we'll hand you a custom The Beer Shop bottle opener. Want more? Grab a few pens, why not, they're free!!

Now Open

After weeks of setup, painting, and other preparations; we're finally ready to open our doors. This will be a "soft opening" to serve as an open house as we put on the finishing touches.

The Beer Shop gets the green light, and honorable mention in The Reminder.

For the last few months we've been planning, performing research, and looking for the best location to open a craft beer, wine, and cheese shop. It's been a dream of ours for some time and after nearly six months fo planning, we're seeing that dream become a reality. My wife and I can't wait to break ground on the new site here in East Longmeadow. We even made it into the local paper. More news to come soon!