Pretty Things-Meadowlark IPA


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Beer Type:America Very Hoppy Ale
Hop Variety: Galaxy, Bravo, El Dorado & Citra
Malt Variety: Pale, Crystal, Munich, Flaked
& Roasted Barley
ABV: 7.0%
IBUs: 85 (originally calculated at 60 but tested out at 85)
Color: sunny yellow-orange

Availability: Year-round

Meadowlark IPA is a new juicy and floral hoppy, hoppy ale we brewed to celebrate the flavor and spirit of American craft brewing. This 7% alcohol beer has a sunny orange-yellow colour, 85 International Bittering Units, a smooth mouthfeel and layer upon layer of soft flowery hops. We wove earthy Citra and bitter Bravo hops from the Pacific Northwest with intensely fruity and aromatic Galaxy hops from Australia. The malts are English pale malt & mild ale malt, pale crystal (1.3% of the grist), flaked barley with malty highlights from Munich malt and a bijoux of Roasted Barley. The resulting patchwork is as “American” tasting as short ribs and slaw, and provides an excellent accompaniment to that kind of food too! Very hoppy and bitter. Yum


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