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Why craft beer?

In one word: Celebration. Beer embodies celebration. Beer has revolutionized society since before written times. Did you know that the workers that built the Great Pyramids of Egypt were paid in beer?

Beer powers civilization:

Did you know that beer was responsible for refrigeration, and it also fueled the industrial age and aided in the end of child labor in the US? Recently beer was credited for containing the first dose of antibiotics.
Help fuel the future of mankind and pave the way of the future with beer:
Help me share my passion for perhaps one of the greatest innovations in recorded civilization. Help me share the gift of beer!

A bit of beer history:

In the early 1900′s there were more than 1700 breweries in the US until prohibition. Is it coincidence that a few years after prohibition, the US few into the great depression, I think not.

Ok, I see your point, but why craft beer?

Not all beers are created equal. As of now, there are approximately 160 unique styles of beer. So the odds are if you don’t like “beer” it’s not that you don’t like beer, it’s that you don’t like “the mainstream take on beer”. The difference is huge. Much like the difference between stale bread and fine artisan bread, the difference is night and day.

In 1979, during a time where US had less than 100 breweries, the president did something amazing: he signed a bill making it legal to homebrew. Over the years this lead to the increase in passionate homebrews with the dreams of taking their art and sharing it with the world.

30 years later the US finally has regained the number of breweries it had in the early 1900′s. Enter the craft beer revolution.

Wow, that’s nice, so why a a craft beer store?

While its true that there has been an increase in the number of breweries, it’s a struggle to stay in business in an industry where the top 3-5 breweries control more than 85 percent of the market. Fighting these types of statistics, it’s hard for craft beers to find their way to a local liquor store.

Over the last twenty years, the beer industry has evolved, but the retail outlets have stayed relatively the same.
This is where a The Beer Shop comes in. Support me in the fight, support your local brewery’s! -Rich: The Beer Shop