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KBS release date announced!



 One of our favorite days is coming near. The release of Founders KBS. Sale of KBS will begin Saturday, April 4th, at 10am! If you are planning on arriving early, please keep in mind that lines form at the front of the store only. Please keep order, and feel free to bring beer to trade with other craft beer fans. When we open, you be handed a ticket. This ticket secures your KBS. Feel free to shop around and pick up some other Founders products. We still have Breakfast Stout & many of their back stage limited releases. 


As for the limits, we’ll let you know when “eagle has landed” how much we have and the amount we’ll allow per person. As an added treat, we have some 2014 KBS for sale via lottery.(All those with a ticket will get 1 ticket placed into the lotto for a chance to buy)


– cheers and we can’t wait until KBS day!